Energi Personnel helps with staffing in a number of fields and industries. We are specialized in the following industries:


Automotive Jobs




Health Care




Temporary Staffing

Just some benefits of using temporary staffing is the ability to quickly fill positions open due to vacations, illness, termination, and emergencies. Your regular staff’s hours are more productive when temporaries absorb overtime hours, or execute repetitive tasks. Also your company avoids extra costs of payroll, taxes, fringe benefits, insurance and bonding, because temporaries are Energi Personnel employees, not your employees.

Temp to Hire

Our “Temp to Hire” service allows you the opportunity to work with new employees before hiring them full-time. Our service eliminates many hidden employment costs such as unemployment claims, payroll taxes, and workers compensation insurance. In addition, we alleviate the extra work you or your staff would do sorting through resumes or applications, interviewing, and checking references to find the right employee.

Direct Professional Placement

Our recruiting service offers highly qualified talent from various professional, technical, and support service fields from local sources as well as nationwide. We identify the very best potential applicants for you to interview. We would like to make your job easier by providing you with the right people for your company.

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