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Temp-To-Hire Field Technician $15.00 - MIDLAND, TX

Field Technician -Preparation of equipment for installation including pre-assembly of components/tools that make up revolver stations, including loading trailers and transporting to job site. -Assembly, inspection and testing of products. -Shipping/Receiving, unloading trucks, checking in merchandise, matching equipment/materials from purchase orders to specific projects. -Sorting, placing and stocking materials. -Facility and warehouse housekeeping tasks. -Pickup and delivery of materials, equipment and tools. -Installation of products at client wellsite locations. EnergiPersonnel provides a mix of positions satisfying the needs of almost every candidate. We provide temporary positions with a minimum of 4 hours on most assignments, temp-to-hire positions which allows candidates the opportunity to “try before they decide” and direct hire positions so that if a client is immediately impressed with a candidate’ skills and background that candidate can become a fast member of the clients’ company. We are constantly recruiting for these positions and would like to have the opportunity to help candidates get in front of the correct hiring authorities when the need arises. Many companies in the Permian Basin choose EnergiPersonnel when opportunities arise within their organization and they are seeking top talent in this area. Our services provide candidates at all levels comparable benefits to ensure that they are satisfied with their experiences as an EnergiPersonnel employee while they take on assignments at any level while with us. Because we are a locally owned and independent staffing service, our services can be customized to fit your needs and requirements. Our offices are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you can speak with anyone from the President of the corporation to our staffing coordinators. EnergiPersonnel has been efficiently meeting the clerical and light industrial staffing needs of Midland & Odessa clients, as well as recruiting for both professional and technical fields since March 1993. Combined, our staff has over 100 years of experience in the personnel and temporary industry. Conveniently located, our offices have complete interviewing and testing facilities, enabling EnergiPersonnel to recruit superior temporary personnel for short and long-term assignments. A commitment to quality has earned EnergiPersonnel the reputation for being a leading provider of temporary, contract, and full-time staffing in Midland/Odessa. EnergiPersonnel ensures your satisfaction by recruiting and retaining the highest quality employees. Each applicant goes through a selection program that includes interviews, skill evaluations and reference checks. Interviews cover work experience, as well as preferences for hours and work environments, and “intangibles” such as attitude, motivation and adaptability. EnergiPersonnel utilizes the validated Kenexa testing and training products provided by IBM, which are designed to determine and verify skills and proficiency on all computer software programs, as well as providing a way to brush up on rusty skills. Kenexa is a highly reliable tool to access high-tech individuals for proficiency in most programming languages. Safety practices are covered during orientation and understanding is verified by testing. Reference checks are carried out to determine work habits, punctuality, reliability and the ability to follow instructions. The end result is a superior work force, committed to serving you better. Your EnergiPersonnel representative can help you develop a system of services that is custom tailored to your needs. Whether you are looking for temporary work to supplement your income or you are seeking full-time employment, we can offer you a combination of services that are right for you. Temporary assignments can be for as little as 4 hours or for as long as the client has a need. EnergiPersonnel temporaries provide help during seasonal peaks, work overloads, special projects, emergency absences, unexpected terminations and vacations. Temp-to-Hire Our “Temp-to-Hire” service allows you the opportunity to work with a new employer before deciding to accept a full-time position with them. Direct Hire Our recruiting service offers highly qualified applicants from various professional, technical, and support service fields from local sources as well as nationwide. It’s very important that we keep a good work force of qualified employees. In order to do this, EnergiPersonnel offers its employees’ wages and benefits comparable to those of full time employees. We have seven paid holidays per year, medical/life insurance benefits, as well as several different ways our employees can earn cash bonuses. We would like to make the process of finding a job easier. If you have any more questions or need additional information, please feel free to give us a call at 432-337-0440 or visit our website at www.energipersonnel.com