Benefits of Using a Staffing Service

As American businesses have increasingly turned to staffing companies for work force flexibility and access to talent, the U.S. staffing industry has grown to $87 billion in annual sales and employs an average of three million workers per day. Staffing companies offer flexibility to their clients so they can keep fully staffed during busy times. […]


What Your Staffing Firm Needs From You

Once you have chosen to use Energi Personnel for your hiring needs the first and most important step is to provide us with a thorough description of your business and the candidate that you are looking for. This can prevent wasting your time with candidates that do not match your qualifications. Here are questions that […]

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How to Review a Resume

Finding the ideal candidate starts with reviewing resumes.  Whether you are working with a staffing agency or conducting your own search, it is important to keep the following tips in mind when reviewing resumes. It is important to scan the resume looking for grammatically incorrect statements and spelling mistakes. The lay out should look clean […]

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What are Employers Looking For?

When employers interview applicants, they know what job qualifications they are seeking, but there are at least five basic qualities that are absolutely essential for every job seeker in every industry to possess in order to give a potential employer a positive impression. Self-Confidence – An interviewer will be naturally impressed by an applicant who […]

Resume Writing Tip Sheet

How to Start: Start by making a list of all the jobs you had and the dates. Don’t leave anything out. Include jobs, awards, educational degrees, skills, personal projects: anything that would be impressive and/or interesting to anyone. Even after your resume is finished, maintain this list so you can use it in the future. […]

General Interview Questions

The minute you walk into the interview you will start fielding through questions, here are a few examples of how to handle the most common questions. Tell me about yourself. The most often asked question in interviews so you need to have a small prepared statement.  Limit it to work-related items unless they ask more […]

Want That Job? Get Busy!

If you’ve been sending out resume after resume, applying for job after job, and you’re not getting the kind of response you were expecting, obviously there’s a reason. Your resume may not be highlighting your skills correctly; you may not be getting yourself in front of the right kind of employers or updating your skills […]

How to Ace an Interview

When we call you with that great opportunity to meet with one of our clients, we want you to be completely prepared and ready to knock their socks off. Here are a few tips that can help you achieve that goal. Dress for the job you want. Be sure you are dressed appropriately for the […]