What are Employers Looking For?

When employers interview applicants, they know what job qualifications they are seeking, but there are at least five basic qualities that are absolutely essential for every job seeker in every industry to possess in order to give a potential employer a positive impression.

  1. Self-Confidence – An interviewer will be naturally impressed by an applicant who exhibits confidence in his or her abilities. Make sure you have specific examples to show off those great qualities but remember to walk that fine line between cocky and self-confident.
  2. Maturity – Most jobs involve a certain amount of stress, no matter what the industry. Make sure and demonstrate to the potential employer that you are able to handle complex or stressful situations with emotional maturity. Do not talk about disagreements that you have had with previous co workers or employers. Show that you can work well as a team.
  3. A Positive Attitude – A good outlook is just as important as having impressive skills and experience. Going out of your way to offer exemplary service to clients or helping out colleagues, particularly in bad times, shows an employer that you are passionate about keeping the outlook positive for everyone.
  4. Adaptability – Most jobs will involve change at some time or another whether it is adding new responsibilities or a promotion. It is important for an employer to know that you will be able to adapt to those changes. You need to make it clear to a prospective employer that you will not be overwhelmed by new ideas or unfamiliar experiences, and you will meet challenges head-on and succeed.
  5. Goal-Oriented – Every employer has goals for their company, so they naturally value employees that have goals for themselves. Your resume should show employers that you have continuously challenged yourself to achieve higher and more important goals throughout your career and that you will help the company meet their goals as well.

These essential qualities make you attractive to a potential employer. Focus on improving these qualities, and the job offers will follow.