Want That Job? Get Busy!

If you’ve been sending out resume after resume, applying for job after job, and you’re not getting the kind of response you were expecting, obviously there’s a reason. Your resume may not be highlighting your skills correctly; you may not be getting yourself in front of the right kind of employers or updating your skills in a timely manner. Here are a few tips that can help jump start your job search.

  1. First, always consider utilizing the service of a professional Recruiter. Our Recruiters at EnergiPersonnel are in front of employer’s everyday and are usually the first to hear of job opportunities before the company places a newspaper ad or the job on their website. This way you have a professional out there every day promoting you and did I mention it is FREE.
  2. Attend as many industry conferences and seminars as you can find time to go to. Listing conference attendances on your resume will show a potential employer that you’re not content just to sit at a desk doing your job, you’re actually interested in your career and furthering your knowledge on your own. If possible try to become a speaker at a conference in your industry; this will give you instant creditability.
  3. Join professional organizations related to the industry you want to work in. But don’t just join; actually go to the meetings. Not only can you learn things that might be useful in your job hunting, attending meetings are one of the best ways possible to network with other people in your field. You may hear about job openings before they’re posted, or you might even meet a hiring manager that you can impress in person without even securing an interview.
  4. Look for magazines or journals related to your career, and then write an article to submit.  Published articles look terrific listed on a resume and can be a great addition to a portfolio.
  5. Join online professional organizations that you can place informational and professional information on. Do a search online for organizations in your industry that might have an online directory, this is a great way for you to be seen by prospective contacts that are not just in your area. Please do not list profiles that you might have on Facebook.com or Myspace.com, these are not professional sites. LinkedIn.com is a good professional site to try.
  6. Take a class! Find a class that may update current skills or try something totally different. The point is to be continuously seeking ways to improve yourself so that you are more valuable to prospective employers. This is also a great chance to meet others who are interested in your industry and may have connections that you may not.

All of these things require time and effort beyond just printing resumes and licking envelopes. But in today’s highly competitive job market, time spent to get a job is never time wasted.